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Start your UI/UX design career today.

Design useable solutions that satisfy users, take user behavior into account, and accomplish both user and company objectives.



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What you will learn:


  • Product Definition. Product Definition is the first phase involved in the user design process.
  • Research. The research is the most crucial element for a designer.
  • Analysis. In this phase, make use of the things collected in the Research phase.
  • Design.
  • Validation or Testing.
  • Using XD and Figma.



Capstone Project for all courses

For all courses, a capstone project They can test their conceptual understanding, improve their practical skills, and build a portfolio for themselves with capstone projects for end-of-program, beginner-friendly concepts.

Early Bird Fee: N70,000

-33Days -5Hours -42Minutes -27Seconds


class price duration
Physical/Online 150,000 8 weeks (2 Months)

course content:

User Experience Design
Joining Design Sprints
Integrating Research Into Design Process
Creating User Stories and User Journey Maps
Participating in design Critique Sessions
Testing and Iterating on Design

For any app or website, create beautiful user interfaces.

UI/UX designers apply design thinking to comprehend users, identify challenges they face, and develop novel solutions that can be prototyped and tested. Wireframes, prototypes, and mockups are all produced by designers as part of the UI/UX design process.

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UX/UI designer is a highly sought-after skill.

In the present work market, UI UX designers are highly sought after. The demand for UI UX designers is now increasing by 16 percent, according to, the highest rate in the category. Designers capable of creating solutions that are slick, approachable, and efficient are in high demand. By learning with us you will benefits for GitHub Scholarship worth $20k of resources.