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Front-End Web Development

Develop your expertise in the field and use front-end web technologies to produce an incredible web Interface. This training course will give you everything you know to know as a Front-End developer and empower you with practical tools to get you confident

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What you will learn:

  • The user interface (UI), which dictates what each component of a site or application performs and how it will appear, is created by front-end developers.
  • You’ll be able to design the site’s layout as a front-end developer.
  • Determines how the navigation should look and where the photos should be placed.
  • Making sure the web application’s appearance and layout are user-friendly and intuitive is a large part of your job.



Capstone Project for all courses

For all courses, a capstone project They can test their conceptual understanding, improve their practical skills, and build a portfolio for themselves with capstone projects for end-of-program, beginner-friendly concepts.

Early Bird Fee: N70,000

-33Days -4Hours -29Minutes -44Seconds
class price duration
Physical/Online 200,000 8 weeks (2 Months)

course content:

Responsive Design
Advance CSS & Framework
Intro to Javascript Programming
Javascript Libraries (JQuery and Underscore).
Intro to Javascript Framework (REACT)

Create websites that are dynamic and incredibly responsive.

You need to have a thorough understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—not just the fundamentals—to succeed as a front-end developer. You must create intricate interactive web pages, work out challenging issues, and satisfy your users. Front-end development is the art of making a website appealing to visitors and easy to use. Front facing is another word for front-end development. These programmers handle every aspect of making a website function effectively on various platforms, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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