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Be a Certified Digital Marketer

mailDiscover cutting-edge digital trends and techniques to create crucial marketing plans and propel business growth for medium-sized to large-scale enterprises.



What you will learn:

  • Establish and carry out digital marketing campaigns.
  • Writing ad copy and creating content.
  • Create visual materials for online campaigns.
  • In charge of websites and content publishing.
  • Track and improve marketing campaigns.
  • Inform Leadership of Results.
  • Find insights and trends.
  • Allocate funds for marketing.
  • Construct and manage marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance the website’s and social media platforms’ content.
  • Work with a variety of content formats, such as audio podcasts, videos, and blogs.
  • Keep track of website traffic.
  • Implementing and evaluating performance indicators.
  • Measure and evaluate objectives in light of ROI.


Capstone Project for all courses

For all courses, a capstone project They can test their conceptual understanding, improve their practical skills, and build a portfolio for themselves with capstone projects for end-of-program, beginner-friendly concepts.

Early Bird Fee: N70,000

-33Days -4Hours -25Minutes -3Seconds
class price duration
Physical/Online 150,000 8 weeks (2 Months)

course content:

Intro to Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce
Digital Marketing and E-commerce Strategy
Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and display advertising
Introduction to From likes to Leads: Interact with Customers Online
Digital Marketing Analytics

Get the Education You Need to Succeed in Digital Marketing

Get all the training you need at our training facility to be successful as a Digital Marketing Expert in Nigeria. One of the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria is in digital marketing. Become a qualified digital marketer to advance your profession.

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Become a brand engine for awareness and lead generation across all digital media.

After completing our digital marketing course, it serves as a great medium to strengthen your prowess in marketing. Along with providing you with the fundamentals, it also educates you on the most recent developments in the digital marketing landscape. then you can easily land a high-paying job as it is the need of the hour.