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The mission behind our Academy.

We committed to train One million (1,000,000) Nigerians to upskill them and become job-ready. We want young Nigerians to have relevant technical and invaluable skills.






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Our Story

Educate one million Nigerians on how to support themselves by doing what they love (without losing their soul), A key initiative to change how we educate people is the #1MMinusOne, and the march to a million begins with you, to provide equal access to education for both teachers and students!

The march to 1 million begins with you.

Every big, hairy, audacious goal starts with a single step.

Join us on our journey.


We are an academy with a focus on developing leaders with distinctively global perspectives. At the core of all we do is a focus on our students’ needs as we prepare them for their careers/skills. We bring together the latest technologies, and dynamic learning spaces to identify solutions to the complex global problems of the 21st Century.


Our Vision is to empower students to value knowledge/skills that will support them as a life-long learners and productive global citizens in an ever-changing world.

Core value


All of our actions as an academy are guided by our core principles (CRIMSS). We work hard to outperform one another and offer success to our students

  • C_ Commitment
  • R_Reliability
  • I_Integrity
  • M_Modesty
  • S_ Selfless service
  • S_Synergy

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